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  • Numbnuts : BonzoDog Says: "Psychic powers ? Nah - the LG lot were a pretty intelligent group - they could have worked it out for themselves :)" Ha, Ha, Ha! Psychiatric more like! :-)If they were that intelligent the least they could do is prove it and turn their computers on, load up Urban Terror and accept a T-Bagging from me like a Man/Boy, sorry Little Girl's they are, the cowards! LMAO ;-)
  • BonzoDog : Psychic powers ? Nah - the LG lot were a pretty intelligent group - they could have worked it out for themselves :)
  • Numbnuts : You may want to read this Guys & Girls seeing as Doggy wants you to use your psychic powers of deduction to find out where he means........ «link»
  • BonzoDog : I know the last time I created a multi-mode server, it was rather unpopular - lol. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained ... a new low grav multi-mode is up .. "low gravity multi-mode". Would be nice to see some old faces again ...
  • Numbnuts : You could always try our server {-TD-} Target Dummies, as a few of them pop on there too...... «link»
  • Numbnuts : I still find a few of those rare Little Girls (-LG-)'s about on a weekly basis, just not on the LG server. Hope this helps! ;-)
  • Numbnuts : If you want to find your buddies try this link to search Gametracker...... «link»
  • Numbnuts : Hi Spud, I'll talk to ya seen as no one else has yet. :-)
  • -LG-Baked()Potatoe : I was deleting applications off of my computer, and saw Urban Terror. I haven't played in so long. It reminded me to come to the clan website! That's really too bad we all got so busy with our lives, but hey, it was fun while it lasted! Sad to see the website will be down soon. I would absolutely love to play with you all again!
  • -LG->bosher : Btw this site is likely to go offline soon.. As the domain needs renewing.
  • -LG->bosher : 2000 - 2200 utc. Is usually the best time. I hang around on TNG 24/7 Dealey server.
  • -LG->bosher : Hey Hillbill, private message me your email, I will alert you when we are on.
  • -LG-HillBill(FM) : hell its hard to catch you on a game any of you o well one day maybe
  • -LG->bosher : and hello to Storm the bringer of spam xD is there room in hell yet? Come flagfight with us sometime
  • -LG->bosher : Lolz. Yea I missed Monday nights Xon games, I try to drop by on Monday numbz, keep your helmet on.
  • Numbnuts : Not only Turbinehall awaits you, so does my a*s! ;-) Catch ya later matey.
  • Numbnuts : LMAO Stormy, nice to hear fro you again. As for your "Large Genitals" now I klnow why you use Low Gravity, it's cause your old and ya b*lls drag on the floor! Nice to see ya back now come and find me on a Wednesday night (8.00pmish) UK Time for a round or two on Urban Terror. You can find us here.... «link»
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : not bad for a spamming naab?
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : spam
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : spam
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : btw, next time try to use proper latin Bonzo, it made no sense
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : lol
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : (insider joke)
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : how about a game -Large Genitals- vs TinyD*cks instead of spamming the shoutbox
  • -LG-Stormbringer(ATO) : Nope never..Ive never learnt how to spam. Luckily Numbsy is not only the only person who reads this, he's also answering all rhethorical questions :)
  • Numbnuts : No... But I do! :-) Might catch ya later on our server matey! BTW, where were you on Monday Night? Me, Flirt & Doggy were playing Xonotic and we'll be back next Monday night (8.00pmish UK Time)
  • -LG->bosher : Stormy, TacticalTrout do you ever visit this site?
  • -LG->bosher : Hello hello! I thought I could hear negev fire. I thought it was my tinitus, but here you are numbz! So have you played xonotic yet?
  • Numbnuts : Hope to see ya soon...... «link» Your bestest PA'er, TD'er and almost LG'er ;-)
  • Numbnuts : The server is Urban Terror 4.2, so if ya aint upgraded do so otherwise you wont be able to log on and get ear-ache from me. :-)

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