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  • -LG->bosher : My fault, sorry
  • BonzoDog : And I was there at 9pm (2000 UTC)... nvm
  • -LG->bosher : I was there at 8:00
  • BonzoDog : Oh well - just me there :) Never mind ..... worth a shot so to speak ...
  • -LG->bosher : I shall send a mass email to 'all' members, informing them.. And..raal -)
  • -LG->bosher : Yes bonz, nice idea,I shall be there.
  • -LG-PEP : Thanks for doing what you have Bosh...
  • -LG-PEP : So is Trout still going to get USA site going or is LG done ???
  • BonzoDog : Actually ... we ought to give the server a sendoff. So .... tomorrow ... 17th April 2000 UTC on -LG- Low Gravity London server . Be there.... or not ... :)
  • BonzoDog : Kudos to Bosh. He has tried his best (in effort and money) to keep this community together, but it rather looks like it was in vain.... I am sure I am not alone in appreciating his efforts :)
  • -LG->bosher : Big love to -LG-
  • -LG->bosher : I intend to keep an eye on this forum and will fix any problems that might arise with it in the future. Contact me with any questions via email or pm.
  • -LG->bosher : Ok, after much consideration, I am ending my payments for the London servers. Also the lowgrav league site is hosted by me and will close.
  • -LG-PEP : any idea about when? Thanks Trout
  • -LG-TacticalTrout : Pep...I am still planning to start one up.
  • -LG-PEP : What ever happened to the US Server someone was going to be running ????
  • Numbnuts : In the meantime you could always search for TD'ers via Gametracker. 99.9% of the time we always start on other server and move to ours when a few people log on and have a laugh for a few hours, even better with Mumble installed. (I can call you names realtime as you and Palad know!) LOL ;-) Anyway news from Bonzo?
  • Numbnuts : Holy Crapola, Bosher (The Old Codger) is still alive! LOL ;-) Ello matey,in answer to ya questions yes we have a NEW reliable Server and still our old forums for me to post crap onto. Do ya want me to put the info on here for everyone or just PM it to you?
  • -LG->bosher : Lol palad, numbz, glad you are still around, as you can see, there is just tumbleweed here. Glad to hear TD are still running -) whats the IP of the server? Do you guys have a forum still?
  • Numbnuts : Of all the people to reply to me it had to be a freaky 30+ guy! LOL ;-) How ya doing Palad? Come and find us and Va Cantlot on our new 4.2 Server sometime and while ya at it get on Mumble with us, I got a lot of name calling for you too! Catch ya later matey! :-) So.... no LG's replying to answer my question then? :-(
  • 30+Palad : Just ignoring you
  • Numbnuts : Hi All, Ain't seen anyone about for a while........ you all dead or just ignoring me? :-)
  • -LG-BigTex : Been a good ride old friends!
  • -LG-Scrible : Miss ya bosh. Are you usually on 4.1 or 4.2?
  • -LG->bosher : Hi Scribz good to see you, you too bear :)
  • Grizzly : Hi guys how are we all??
  • -LG-Scrible : hello
  • -LG->bosher : Btw You can keep your existing and just install the new one into a separate folder.
  • -LG->bosher : I mean you could download and install urban terror again, to see if that fixes whatever is causing the problem.
  • -LG-PEP : what do you mean fresh urt

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